Education in Africa in the 21st Century: what is the greatest challenge?

My posts are published now on Africa on the Blog. On 8 February 2017, a blog post was published called ‘What is the biggest challenge for African education in the 21st Century?

African little girl is learning Amharic language
Only 10% of African children are educated in their mother tongue.

In the post, I argue that mother tongue education has been proven to be more efficient than education in other languages. It is also more efficient to become proficient and literate in the mother tongue before starting to learn a second or third language. Unfortunately, in Sub-Saharan Africa only 10% of children are educated in their mother tongue.

The post then discusses the obstacles to implementing mother-tongue education on a larger scale, including neglect of local languages and resistance due to lack of prestige for local languages.

I conclude that in spite of this, the only way forward if education is to become more efficient and accessible for all is to expand local-language education in Africa, not only at the primary, but also at secondary and tertiary levels.


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