Moving between cultures – the fun and the difficulties.

My posts are published now on Africa on the Blog.


On 26 August 2014, a post was published called ‘Moving between cultures – the fun and the difficulties’. The post follows on from my post of a day before on ‘What is culture?’. In the post, I look at what happens when people move to a different culture from their own. I give the example of ‘Beauty’ and the adjustment she has to go through when moving to a culture with a different standard in the area of punctuality.


I continue to argue that similar adjustments are needed in other areas. People have to change their ways in order to stay true to their own identity. This can cause conflicts when moving back and forth between cultures and it is good to be conscious of this.

However, moving to a different culture also has its advantages.To some extent, the problems and advantages are similar to all human beings and not unique for Africans in the diaspora. 

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